CPO - Using the Bundle

Creating a Consolidated Purchase Order


Please note, before a Purchase Order can be consolidated it must meet the following criteria: it must be from the "same vendor" and must be "Pending Receipt"

  1. Create multiple purchase orders for the same vendor. Please refer to the Netsuite Help guide for details on Entering a Purchase Order.
  2.   one of the purchase orders that was created. In the Items section click on the Current Open PO's tab. A list of open purchase orders that are pending receipt for the same Vendor will be displayed. Note there is now no difference between consolidating special orders or standard purchase orders, both can be combined into a single order.
  3. Select the purchase orders that you would like to consolidate and Save.
  4. A new purchase order will be created with the combined items from all the selected purchase orders. 


Only purchase orders for the same vendor will be displayed under Current Open PO's. Purchase orders that are partially received will not be displayed.

Adding lines to the consolidated purchase is not recommended. This will cause an unexpected error when receiving, as receiving is completed against the child orders. If you wish to add items to an order, the recommended approach is to create a purchase order with those items, and then include that in the consolidation process.

Consolidating Special Order Purchase Orders

  1. Create multiple sales orders for different customers. Please refer to the Netsuite Help guide for details on Entering a Sales Order.
  2. Open a newly created Sales Order and select Special Order on the item line and create a Purchase Order.

3. Continue creating Special Orders for all Sales Orders.

4. Consolidate the Purchase Orders by editing one of the newly created Purchase Orders. Click on the Current Open PO's tab, select the desired Purchase Orders and Save.

5. In the example above we have created consolidated Purchase Orders  #PUR00001366 and  #PUR00001367 into #PUR00001368. Purchase Order #PUR00001368 will now options to automatically receive all items or partially receive items. Old Purchase Orders  #PUR00001366 and  #PUR00001367 are kept by the system and linked to the new consolidated Purchase Order.


To create special orders, you must enable Drop Shipments and Special Orders. Please refer to the Netsuite Help guide for details on Enabling Drop Shipments and Special Orders. Drop ship order are excluded from the list of available orders to consolidate.

Receiving Orders

Two additional buttons are displayed:

  • Receive CON PO
  • Partially Receive CON PO

Additionally, there are now two fields that will appear on the Custom tab of the PO by default:

  • CCPO Is Master PO
  • CCPO Invoice Master PO

The CCPO is Master PO field can be used for filtering purchase orders easily in saved searches

The CCPO Invoice Master PO can be ticked on an individual order basis. When checked and the orders are received by one of the modules buttons below, it will invoice the Consolidated PO. When unchecked, it will invoice the Child PO's. It will close out the remaining lines once complete on the Purchase orders

For performance reasons, the Receive CON PO runs a scheduled job, and will run in the background until complete.