CPO - Troubleshooting

How do we consolidate the receiving of two purchases orders that are on the same shipment from a supplier?

If you have two purchase orders you want to consolidate, prior to receiving, then edit one purchase order, and then select the other one on the list of open orders. Note you cannot consolidate orders once they have been received or partially received.

Is there a line limit on Purchase Orders when I finally do a consolidation of multiple POs?

Yes there is a limit of 300 lines total.

How am I billed for Consolidated Purchase Orders module?

Consolidated Purchase Orders is licensed on an annual basis. You will be billed annually on your anniversary date by Cloud Coders Pty Ltd.


Updating the Bundle

This bundle is managed by Cloud Coders Pty Ltd and will be updated automatically when new versions are released.

Uninstalling the Bundle

  1. Select Goto Customisation / SuiteBundler / Search & install Bundles / List or Type Installed bundles in the Global Search.
  2. Select Uninstall in the line item for Consolidate PO's and follow the steps provided. Please refer to the Netsuite Help guide for details on Uninstalling a Bundle.