ATE - Using the Bundle

General Rules for sending

An email will be sent if the following criteria is met:

  • The Customer Preference for the transaction type is ticked
  • The Email Status on the Transaction is To Send or Bulk Send
  • The email field is populated. Note that if the transaction email preference field is not populated, then it will use the default email field on the customer.

Email Preference To Send

When a transaction is loaded, the Email Status field is set as per the configuration:

You can change the email field if required

Once the Transaction is saved, the email is queued and sent. A copy of the message will be attached to the transaction, and the email status will be updated to Sent.

Email Preference Bulk Send

Using this preferences puts all the transactions into a queue. The queue can be accessed under Transactions > Transaction Emailing > <<transactiontype>>:

Select Mark All to send all transactions via Netsuite's Scheduled Job manager.

Sending Statements

Go to

  • Transactions > Transaction Emailing > Statements
  • Select the Start Date, Statement Date and whether to send only open or all Statements
  • Select Mark All or the individual customers
  • Click e-mail

The Customers will be sent to a queued job to process.

Only customers with a balance are displayed on this form.

Test/User Procedures

The process is as follows:

Edit the Customer. Ensure the appropriate transaction preferences on the Preferences tab are ticked.

Create a quote transaction. Check the appropriate email field on the Communication tab and change if necessary.

Change the e-mail Status field if necessary to To Send

For To Send,  check the details on the transaction, then click save.

A history of the messages is on the Messages subtab of the Communication Tab of the Transaction

The administrator who installs this bundle can distribute or adapt these user procedures as needed.