WMS - Inventory Count

1. Introduction

The Inventory Count feature as defined by NetSuite is used to support improved tracking of inventory and gain tighter control over company assets. This is particularly useful to ensure you can keep track of regular or periodic counts of stock to maintain inventory accuracy. Cloud WMS allows the completion of the NetSuite item Inventory Count process on a mobile device running the Movilizer application framework. Cloud WMS accomplishes the inventory count feature on a mobile device by allowing a stocktake count to be updated from the warehouse.

1.1. Inventory Count Process Walkthrough


  1. NetSuite user initiates an inventory count for items in a warehouse, from NetSuite and starts the count.
  2. Inventory count will appear on mobile device.
  3. Warehouse user will record items counted or current stock on mobile device.
  4. Inventory count will be updated in NetSuite

  5. NetSuite Item Count is approved/rejected and initiates inventory adjustment as required.

1.2. Inventory Count Process Steps

Step 1 - NetSuite user initiates inventory count

To perform an inventory count, in NetSuite navigate to Transactions → Inventory → Enter Inventory Count

Complete inventory count form with the required fields below and save when completed:

  • Product subsidiary
  • It's location
  • Account for inventory count or stock
  • and then add line items to be counted and their respective rates. 

Please note that once inventory count request is created, it will have a status of Open. To start inventory count, click the Start Count button. This will add the request to a queue and sent to the Movilizer Mobile device. 

Step 2 - Inventory count will appear on mobile device

Once inventory count request is created, the status is updated to Started and button changed to Complete Count. Furthermore, the inventory count request will have been received on the mobile device; it can be found under the Inventory Count option 

Step 3 - Warehouse user will record items counted or current stock on mobile device

The user will need to update the request with the current stocktake for the day and transmit that information back to NetSuite. Information sent to NetSuite for Inventory Count may include current item count, stock within bins or individual items within a location

  • If bins are used, the mobile user will need to identify the current bin for count,
  • Else, simply count and specify the quantity for each item  

Step 4 - Inventory count will be updated in NetSuite

After stock has been counted by all the mobile users and transmitted back to NetSuite, the inventory count request in NetSuite will be updated with the current count from the warehouse. The NetSuite user will need to finish the inventory count process by clicking the Complete Count button. 

Please note, this will update the status of that request to Completed/Pending Approval and also update the button to Approve. However the approver/ manager has the following options

  • Reject - If for some reason the counts don't add up, this request can be rejected
  • Approve -  if everything looks fine, this request will be approved

Step 5 - NetSuite Item Count is approved and linked to inventory adjustment

If inventory count is approved, this completed the inventory count process by performing the 

  • Updated status to Approved
  • Removes button
  • Gives a summary of the snapshot quantity (previous count in NetSuite), count quantity (current count by mobile user) and adjusted quantity (difference between previous and current count)
  • Initiates an inventory adjustment to current count