WMS - Installation Steps

Installing The Bundle

Bundle installation should generally follow the standard installation steps provided in the NetSuite Help Center topic Installing Bundles into Your NetSuite Account.

To Install the Bundle follow these steps:

Step 1 

In NetSuite, Navigate to Customisation → SuiteBundler → Search & Install Bundles or Type Install Bundle in the Global Search

Step 2

Search 'CDS', which is an acronym for the Cloud Distribution System as seen below:

Step 3

Select CDS Cloud Distribution System, press Install button to install Bundle.

Step 4

Once Installed, the green tick will appear. Installation is complete.

Step 5

Now repeat Steps 2 - 4, replacing the CDS keyword with WMS Warehouse Management System in the search

Select WMS Warehouse Management System, press Install button to install Bundle.

Please be advised that the installation time varies for different bundles and this might take some time. For more information about how to install bundles see NetSuite support page