Quick Start Guide for Movilizer

Brief Overview

Movilizer is a cloud platform through which Cloud Coders delivers its Warehouse Management Solution to mobile devices and because it is already integrated with NetSuite, you can manage it directly from NetSuite itself. Like NetSuite, it is platform independent, versatile and robust; making it possible to use on the fly.  

Step-by-step guide 

NetSuite CC WMS Setup

To begin please ensure the following steps within the checklist have been completed to set up the CC WMS bundle on NetSuite

  • Install both Movilizer bundles from NetSuite
    • Navigate to Customization → SuiteBundler → Search & Install Bundles.  

Here we will start by searching for the keyword CDS, which is an acronym for the Cloud Distribution System

Click the search result and install CDS Cloud Distribution System bundle

Now perform the same steps for the WMS Warehouse Management System

Click the search result and install the WMS Warehouse Management System bundle

Please be advised that the installation time varies for different bundles and this might take some time. For more information about how to install bundles see NetSuite support page

  • Use CC WMS quick start option to connect NetSuite to the Honeywell Movilizer Cloud
    • Navigate to CC WMS → Quick Start  → Connect to Movilizer in NetSuite

  • On Connect to Movilizer landing page, URL field will be pre-populated. Only enter System ID and System Password, which will be provided to you by the Cloud Coders team 
    • Click Connect button - this will save your settings and test the connection to confirm the login details are correct 

  • Initialise Masterdata by navigating to CC WMS → Quick Start  → Initialise Masterdata
    • Click Initialise button - This will send across all background data to Movilizer

  • Review configuration options by navigating to CC WMS → Quick Start  → Edit Configuration
    • Add custom configuration to suit your needs on the Cloud, Client, Movelet, Connector & Stock Management sub tabs as needed 
    • Click Save button to save custom configuration

  • After bundle is successfully set up in NetSuite, you can register Devices by
    • Add a new device using the Add New button


  • Simply enter the name you want to use for the device and the device Address 

Please note the following conditions are true about the device address:

  1. It can either be a valid email address or phone number 
  2. Phone number could be a virtual number provided by Cloud Coders
  3. If this is a new a email address or phone number, a message or email containing credentials (the participant ID and secret for the newly created device) will be sent to you 
  4. if you are using a virtual phone number, the secret will have been provided to you

Movilizer Pro Client Setup on Device

Now we will need to set up the Movilizer Pro client on our device, simply follow the steps below

  • Download the Movilizer client from appropriate app store. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will be using an Apple device:
    • Search for Movilizer Pro app in app store on phone
    • Install Movilizer Pro by clicking Get button or download icon (if you have already downloaded and uninstalled the Movilizer app) to download app
    • Click Open button to lauch application. Please see Movilizer download page for more information

Download Movilizer ProOpen Movilizer ProMovilizer Pro App LoadingLogin to Movilizer Pro

  • Register device
    • Use login credentials provided e.g. Participant ID and Secret sent to you 
    • This will then attempt to connect, upload and download all necessary data. 
    • Device will be automatically synchronised with the Movilizer Masterdata and you will be advised when syncronisation is completed. Please see Movilizer register device page for more information

After logging in, you will see the following synchronization phases e.g. Connecting, Uploading, Downloading, Completed/Successful as seen below


 Please be advised this synchronization process may take some time to be completed, and this may also depend on the speed of your internet connection

After synchronisation is completed, you may see downloaded tasks, this will depend on your configuration.

Check Movilizer Pro Receive ListMovilizer Pro Receive List

Please be advised, that your login credentials can only be used on one Movilizer device at a time and is unique to that device