Register the Movilizer Client

This page provides step-by-step instructions about how to register the Movilizer Client.

When you start and synchronise the Movilizer Client for the first time, the Movilizer Client prompts you to enter your user credentials. This process is referred to as login or registration.

The registration personalizes the Movilizer Client to your Movilizer user account (participant) and ensures that the Movilizer Cloud delivers all data prepared for you.

Only after you successfully authenticated, the Movilizer Cloud sends data to your Movilizer Client. Movilizer Clients that are not registered to a valid user account cannot download any data from the Movilizer Cloud.


  • You already downloaded the Movilizer Client.

  • You require your Movilizer user credentials or a valid app group ID.

You received your Movilizer user credentials with the initial notification via e-mail or SMS, when your administrator created a Movilizer user account for you.


If you did not yet receive an initial notification with your Movilizer user credentials, contact your administrator.



Never use the same user account simultaneously for several Movilizer Clients. This may result in data loss and inconsistent business processes.

If you already registered a Movilizer Client with your user account, you either must reset this Movilizer Client first or you must contact your administrator to obtain another user account.

  1. If not yet done, start the Movilizer Client application.


Standard Movilizer Clients match the language settings with the operating system settings on the first start. You can change the language settings on the Settings screen. For more information, see the Change the Movilizer Client settings page

  1. If you do not see the Login screen, choose the SYNC button to start a synchronisation.

Your Movilizer Client synchronizes with the Movilizer Cloud and downloads the Device Registration Movelet.

When the synchronization is finished, you see Synchronization successful with additional details about the synchronized data. movelets="1" indicates that one Movelet has been downloaded to your Movilizer Client.

  1. Choose OK to finish the synchronization.

Now, the Device Registration Movelet automatically starts. If the Device Registration Movelet does not start automatically, choose the Movelet on the screen to start it manually.


If you want to change the language of the Device Registration Movelet, choose BACK in the footer bar. Then, change the Language setting on the Settings screen. Synchronize the Movilizer Client afterwards to download the Device Registration Movelet in the selected language.

The Login screen prompts you to enter your user credentials.

  1. Enter your user address in the User field.

You have the following options:

  • Enter your User address (device address) as follows:
    • If your user address is a phone number, enter a plus sign (+) and the phone number including the international prefix, for example, +18005551111 or +49301234567. Alternatively, you can replace the plus sign by 00, for example, 0049301234567.
    • If your user address is a an e-mail address, enter the complete e-mail address, for example,
  • Enter your User ID (participant ID), for example, 123456789.
  • Enter an app group ID with an A or a and the numeric app group ID, for example, A123456.

  1. Enter your password in the Password field.


Usually, app groups do not require a password. Leave the field empty.

If your administrator enabled password protection for an app group, contact your administrator to obtain your app group password.

  1. Choose OK to finalize the registration. Your Movilizer Client synchronizes with the Movilizer Cloud to verify your user credentials.When the synchronization is finished, you see Synchronization successful with additional details about the synchronized data. The Device Registration Movelet has been automatically deleted from your device and the data prepared for you has been downloaded.
  2. Choose OK to leave the Synchronization screen.

After the registration, the Movilizer Client is ready to use. You see all Movelets available to you in the Main Menu.

If you require detailed information about the Movilizer Client user interface, see the Movilizer Client user interface page.


Synchronize your Movilizer Client regularly. For example, after you finished a Movelet. Then, your input is uploaded to the Movilizer Cloud and you receive new and updated data, which have been assigned to you in the meantime.


Synchronization message: Could not connect

If the Synchronization screen shows Could not connect, your device has probably no network connection. For this reason, the Movilizer Client cannot synchronize with the Movilizer Cloud.

Check your device settings and ensure that there is sufficient connectivity. Then, try to synchronize again.

Synchronization message: Login not successful

If the Synchronization screen shows Login not successful, the Movilizer Cloud could not validate your user credentials.

Retry to register and ensure that you correctly enter your user credentials.

If the problem persists, check that your use the correct combination of Movilizer user account and Movilizer Client. Note that you cannot register with the user credentials for the Movilizer Demo Cloud in a Movilizer Productive Client and vice versa.

Login screen: Wrong language

The Movilizer Client automatically detects your device language settings and adjusts the user interface accordingly.

If the Movilizer Client does not display the desired language, you can manually change the language.

  1. Choose Back in the Login screen to navigate to the Main Menu.
  2. In the Main Menu, choose the SETTINGS button to open the Movilizer Client settings.
  3. Choose the Language entry and select the desired language.


You can easily find the Language entry in any language. It is located directly below the 3 nearly identical entries (Encryption password 1, Encryption password 2, and Encryption password 3).