Receive Purchase Order

Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows the completion of the Netsuite item receipting process on a mobile device running the Movilizer application framework. 

Process Walkthrough:

  1. User logs into Netsuite and enters a purchase order.
  2. Netsuite Purchase Order is created with initial status of Pending Receipt.
  3. All Purchase Orders with status of Pending Receipt OR Partially Received will be sent to mobile device.
  4. Orders are received by warehouse staff and recorded on mobile device. Received items with quantities and/or bin locations, serial/lots numbers and photos of goods and delivery documentation are sent back to Netsuite.
  5. Netsuite Item Receipt is created and linked to original Purchase Order. Purchase Order will display quantities received. Multiple Item Receipts will be created if Purchase Order is received in different deliveries.
  6. Receiving process will be completed on mobile device once Purchase Order status is Pending Billing.

Note: Capturing of photos is a configuration option which maybe turned off on your system.

Receiving Process.

Process Step 1 & 2. User creates a purchase order number 4004 in Netsuite with quantity of 2 boxes ordered for Black Case for SJ1 and also for Screen Protector for SJ1. Note initial status of Purchase Order is Pending Receipt.

Process Step 3. Purchase Order status is Pending Receipt and is sent to mobile device. WMS menu shows that 20 orders are waiting to be received.

Process Step 3 Select PO#4004. Purchase Order number 4004 appears in the list along with created date and vendor name.

Process Step 4 receive first item. Select Black Case for SJ1 and enter number of boxes received then press Confirm Item button.

Note: If validate item option is enabled, the item name, UPC code and barcode must be entered to confirm item.

Process Step 4 receive second item. Select Screen Protector for SJ1select Bin location and number of boxes received then press Confirm Item button.

Note: This item has bin location enabled in Netsuite but it is optional at this stage as the item may not be put away immediately and maybe left for a Put Away process.

Serialised items and lot numbered items would also required the entry of those numbers individually as items are received. This information is captured and displayed in Netsuite under inventory details.

Process Step 4 capture photos. Select the camera option (if enabled) to capture photographies of incoming shipment and documentation.

Select Save Changes and Return to Receiving to save the photos taken and return to receiving.

Process Step 5 Purchase Order Updated. Purchase Order number 4004 now has a status of Pending Bill. Quantities receives are displayed for each item. 

Process Step 5 Item Receipt Created. Item Receipt number 229 has been created and linked to original Purchase Order number 4004.

Process Step 5 Inventory Detail. A record that item Screen Protector for SJ1 was placed in bin A1003 is displayed under inventory detail.

Note: Similarly information for serialized items or lot numbered items would also be displayed here.