Item Validation

Item validation increases the accuracy of inventory items that are handled by warehouse staff. This will require each item that is handled to be verified using one of several methods:

  • Item name/number, UPC code or customer barcodes maybe entered manually.
  • UPC code or customer barcodes maybe scanned.

In addition:

  • Serialised items may have their serial number either manually entered or scanned.
  • Lot Numbered items may have their lot number either manually entered or scanned.

The following processes may have the item validation function turned on or off.

  • Receive Purchase Order
  • Bin Putaway
  • Inventory Count
  • Pick Sales Order

Identification fields may be found in Netsuite on the Inventory Item screen: ITEM NAME/NUMBER maybe entered manually (1), UPC Code can be either entering manually or scanned (2) or scanning of Movilizer Item Barcode (3) found under the Custom tab.

Entry of the item is the same no matter which process is in use. Scan item field is used for all data entry including scanned code, serial numbers and lot numbers. A message is displayed below the scan item field informing the user that the system is ready to scan and also that the scan was either successful or failed.