Inventory Count - Stock Take

Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows the completion of the Netsuite Put Away Stock process on a mobile device running the Movilizer application framework.

Process Walkthrough:

  1. User creates an Inventory Count in Netsuite
  2. User triggers Start Count function on Inventory Count screen. Inventory count is sent to mobile device.
  3. Warehouse staff record inventory counts on mobile device.
  4. Inventory counts can be transmitted multiple times to Netsuite..
  5. User triggers Complete Count function on Netsuite Inventory Count screen.


Process Step 1 & 2 User creates an Inventory Count #19 in Netsuite. Inventory Count #19 will be sent to mobile device once Start Count button is pushed.

On the Movilizer main menu Inventory Count option will be displayed with the one of Inventory Counts that have been started. Select this option to view Inventory Counts.

A list of Inventory Counts have have been started are displayed. Each line consists of the count number, created date, location, memo description and system name suffix.

Process Step 3. Warehouse staff record inventory counts on mobile device. Recording of inventory may be completed in any order and submitted back to Netsuite at any time without without completing all items.

In this example A4 - Ream A4 paper 50mcg in bin A1002 has been counted and transmitted back to Netsuite.

Note: Inventory Count #19 will momentarily be removed from the mobile device as Netsuite is updated but will reappear once processed.

Process Step 4. Inventory counts can be transmitted multiple times to Netsuite.

The progress of Inventory Count #19 is recorded in Netsuite showing that 985 Boxes of A4 - Ream A4 paper 50mcg has been counted in bin A1002.

Inventory counts that have been recorded in Netsuite will now appear in the Other column. Warehouse staff may continue recording inventory counts for the remaining items on the list.

 550 Boxes of A4 - Ream A4 paper 50mcg have been counted in each of the remaining bins and transmitted to Netsuite.

Process Step 5. User presses Complete Count button on Netsuite Inventory Count screen which will remove Inventory Count #19 from the mobile device.