TSI - Troubleshooting


Error Message: The 'description' element (within the 'Origin' type) contains a description for a location that does not exist

 The following error can appear when accepting a shipping quote to make a booking:

 "Error communicating with Temando: The 'description' element (within the 'Origin' type) contains a description for a location that does not exist"


This is usually because the pre-saved location is not set properly. Ensure that the pre-saved value for the location (accessed under Location maintenance) exactly matches a value that has been set-up within the Temando portal.

Information not as expected

Sometimes when submitting a booking, the data is sent to Temando, but the information is not as expected. We store each request and response in Netsuite for a short period of time, (up to 15 minutes) so that you can contact Temando support for corrective action. 


In the Global Search type, CC Remote Log Queue.

For each request, in the title, there is a request and a response operation.



Edit the appropriate 'request' operation to get the details to send to Temando support. In the diagram above, it would be either 533644 or 533642. Copy the Detail and send it to itsupport@temando.com.

 Shipping Carrier Prices not returned when viewing quotes

 In some cases, Temando will set up a carrier for a client, and the prices for the consignment will not appear in the Available quotes window. This normally happens because Temando have set up a new carrier that is not present in Netsuite. Check to see if the rates are available via the Temando portal. If they are, then proceed as follows.


 Goto Temando → Shipping Carriers →  SI Temando Shipping Carriers →  Search

 In the Carrier ID field, enter the Temando Carrier ID:



 If no carrier is returned, please contact support@cloudcoders.com.au with details, and we will set-up the new carrier. 

Updating the Bundle

This bundle is managed and will be updated as required.

Uninstalling the Bundle

Select Set-up / Customisation / Installed Bundles/ List
Select Uninstall next to the Temando Shipping Integration entry.

Uninstalling this bundle should generally follow the steps provided in the NetSuite Help Center topic Uninstalling Bundles into Your NetSuite Account. The capabilities of SuiteBundler may change over time; review this help topic to verify the current behaviour of uninstalling bundles.