Magento E-Comm - Troubleshooting

Sales Orders not going across to Netsuite.

The Netsuite Queued Salesorder Jobs screen displays a list of orders sales to be synchronized into Netsuite. Sales orders will normally appear in the queue as they wait to be processed however orders that remain in the queue may need some intervention. In Magento, navigation to the sales order queue:  Cloud Coders -> Queued Sales Order To Netsuite

Trouble Shooting Issues

Job Status/Issue
Sync Error blankSales order is waiting to be processed however if it remains in the queue then the CRON job may not be running. Advise your System Administrator that the CRON job is not running. Cron jobs are listed below.
Queue is emptyOrders are synced automatically. This setting has been enabled in configuration. Turn this setting off to queue the records and monitor progress.
Sync error contains message

Resolve the issue as per the error message. For example, Shipping method not mapped, Payment Method not mapped, item is inactive in Netsuite, Netsuite minimum sales quantity not placed for item or Customer credit limit has been exceeded.

Netsuite Timeout issue

For sales orders that continue to fail due to a Netsuite timeout issue, it is possible to sync them manually by selecting the sync option under the Action column on the Netsuite Queued Salesorder Jobs Screen. It is also possible for sales order that fail to sync to retry automatically. This setting is generally not required but may be temporarily turned on while the root cause of the problem is resolved.

In Magento under System > Configuration > Advanced System > Cloud Coders Netsuite version x.x.x. set Re-sync failed orders and customers to Netsuite > Yes

Other options that may be useful include:

Syn Orders From - Enter a recent date if older failed sales orders are not to be synced.

Turn Off Syncing - Will turn off all syncing of data between Netsuite and Magento.

Netsuite user password has changed.

In Magento under System > Configuration > ADVANCED System > Cloud Coders Netsuite Version 0.x.x, update the Netsuite User password.

Error Message "Illegal URL redirect"

User receives error "Illegal URL redirect" when trying to complete a sync operation under Magento > Setup in Netsuite.

Check the Magento Site URL under Magento > Setup > Configuration is correct.

Images not going across to Magento.

In Magento under System > Configuration > ADVANCED System -> Cloud Coders Netsuite Version 0.x.x, check the setting for images under the Magento temp media location.

Default location is /cc_media_files/. Ensure this directory exists and is writeable.

Item update in Netsuite has not updated product in Magento.

Has the integration Netsuite password changed? See below. If still not working check that the Magento cron job is running on your web server. You may need to ask your web host provider to check for you. 

How to send additional images to Magento.

11 additional images can be sent to Magento for each item. Create custom item fields in Netsuite using naming convention _picture1 to _picture11. 

Magento Cron Jobs

The integration has a number of helper processes that are managed by the Magento cron job. Note: Your system administrator will be able to assist you to ensure the Magento cron job is configured to run within main server cron.

Job Identification
netsuite_history_cleanupThis job cleans the history table every day. Processed sales orders, customers and products are saved in the sync history file which can be viewed from Cloud Coders > Sync History.
netsuite_inventory_queueThis job runs every 15 minutes to ensures prices and inventory are always up to date. Netsuite items that have not been updated in the last 24 hours will have their inventory and prices updated in Magento.
netsuite_process_queueThis job sends sales order and customers from Magento to Netsuite.
netsuite_product_simpleproductThis job processes sales order updates, customer updates and item syncing from NetSuite to Magento.

Configuring B2B Solution Sub Logins by AIRBYTES

E-Commerce integration Netsuite and Magento will allow the creation of webstore sub logins from customer contacts in Netsuite. This will allow multiple users from the same customer to have their own webstore login for placing orders which appear under the same customer in Netsuite. Once the module is installed and enabled in Magento the following steps must be completed in Netsuite.

Step 1. Create a Contact category that identifies customer contacts that require a sub-login. To create the category in NetSuite navigate to: Setup > Sales > CRM Lists > New > Contact Category. Enter a category name and save.


Step 2.  Navigate to the Magento Bundle configuration in Netsuite (Magento > Setup > Configuration) and set the value for “Contact Login Category” to the category which was created in step 1. In this example: “Magento Access”

Step 3 Create or update an existing customer contact in Netsuite and set CATEGORY to the contact category previously created. Once this customer is synced to Magento, a sub-login will be created in Magento for every contact with the “Magento Access” category.