Ecomm - Configuration

Generate Authentication in Wordpress 

In Wordpress under the WooCommerce menu options goto Settings and then API.

Ensure that REST API is enabled under Setting.

Goto Keys/Apps and select Add Key

Enter a description for the authentication details that will be generated. Choose a user and set permissions to Read/Write. Finally select Generate API Key.

A consumer key and consumer secret will be generated. Save these somewhere safe and go the Netsuite to continue the authentication setup process.

Setup Website and Authentication in Netsuite

Goto to E-Commerce > Web Sites and select option to add new website.

Under the integration tab select System Type WooCommerce and Authentication Method Basic Authentication. Ensure SSL is enabled.

Using the credentials which were generated in Wordpress, enter API Key (Consumer Key) and API Secret (Consumer Secret).

Enable System Features

System Features control the behaviour of the integration between Netsuite and WordPress. This is achieved by adding or removing system feature sets.

Features setup are found under ECOM Web Site > Integration > System Features. 

System features of sync type webhook must also be created in WooCommerce under the API menu. Copy and paste the Webhook URL which is created in Netsuite into the Delivery URL field on the webhooks screen in WooCommerce.

System Feature List

This is the list of system features which are currently available for WooCommerce.

Sync categories from Wordpress to NetsuiteConfigurationGet Product CategoriesScheduledYesWooCommerce V3
Create Netsuite Items as Wordpress ProductsItemCreate a ProductAsyncYesWooCommerce V3
Update Product changes to WordpressItemUpdate ProductAsyncYesWooCommerce V3
Create Wordpress Customer in NetsuiteCustomerCreate CustomerWebhookYesWooCommerce V3
Create Wordpress Order in NetsuiteTransactionGet New OrderWebhookYesWooCommerce V3

System Mapped Values

System mapped values provide the link between payment and shipping method in Wordpress with values in Netsuite.

System mapped values are found under ECOM Web Site > Integration > ECOM System Mapped Values